Why the Rays want fans to go to one more game

Since the end of the 2013 season, the Rays have been using the #OneMoreGame campaign. The Rays players, coaches, and even ownership have urged Rays fans to attend one more game per season. One game more than what they have been attending.

If each fan came to one more game per year it would make a big difference – Rays owner Matt Silverman

But why one more game? They only drew 1.5 million fans in 2013, does that mean they want to draw 3 million?

The Rays front office has cited 2 million as their attendance goal. In 2013, that would have put the Rays 22nd in MLB attendance.

According to the May 2012 Quinnipac University poll I cited in my post yesterday, there are nearly 700,000 Rays fans in the Tampa Bay area.

Tampa Bay metro area = 2,800,000

46% are baseball fans = 1,288,000

54% are Rays fans = 695,520

With attendance at 1,510,300 last year, that means each Rays fan went to 2.17 games last year.

695,000 x 2.17 = 1,510,300

However, you have to account for opposing teams fans.

A few weeks ago I showed attendance goes up 20-30% when the Rays play the Yankees and Red Sox. The Rays play the Red Sox and Yankees nine times each at Tropicana Field. If the Rays average 20,000 fans per non-Red Sox and non-Yankees contest, and get the added “visitors bump” of 25% (5,000 opposing fans per game), that’s 90,000 opposing fans per year just for those games.

1,510,300 – 90,000 = 1,420,300

Divide 1,420,300 by 695,000 Rays fans and the average Rays fan went to 2.04 games per season.

695,000 x 2.04 = 1,420,300

But ….

If we take 695,000 Rays fans and multiply it by three …

695,000 x 3 = 2,085,000

Add the 90,000 opposing fans = 2,175,000

Now when the Rays say they want fans to attend one more game, you know why. They want the average fan to go to three games a year instead of two.

Maybe that’s why Flex Pack offers start at three games.

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