TomTom Traffic Index 2016 and the effect on baseball in Tampa Bay

Every year, releases traffic congestion study for the entire world. They look at traffic jams and gridlock and rate all the world’s cities on a gigantic scale.

If you have driven in the Tampa Bay area, you know Tampa Bay had to make the US list somewhere. While 98th most congested in the world, Tampa is the 15th most congested city in America, slightly better than Atlanta, Boston, and San Diego, but worse than Orlando, Philadelphia, and Baton Rogue.

Here is TomTom’s latest Tampa rating.

TomTom2016 screenshot

For those who don’t want to embiggen the graphic, here is the important data:

Traffic in Tampa adds an additional 24% to traffic time. So if traveling 60 minutes, add an additional 15 during congested times. Highways add only 15%, but non-highway roads add 27%. The average extra travel time in the Tampa Bay area is 27 minutes per day due to traffic.

I’ll be using these numbers in conjunction with the zip code distance data to figure how far fans have to travel and how long it takes them to get to baseball.

According to TomTom, the most congested day of 2015 was Wednesday, June 10th.

On June 10th, the Rays played the Angels in front of 10,088 fans. At the time, it was the third lowest attended game of the year.

Also on June 10, the Bradenton Marauders drew 558 fans to their game against the Clearwater Threshers.

But all was not terrible. The Dunedin Blue Jays held a day game that day with a Camp Day promotion. The Jays avoidance of traffic times and promotion allowed them to draw 1,327, their fifth highest attendance of 2015.

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