Tampa Yankees probably not moving to Ocala


I didn’t want to get into too much news just yet as this site hasn’t been on its feet for very long, but this is kinda important. According to the Citrus County Chronicle, the Tampa Yankees will probably not be moving to Ocala, Florida after the 2016 season. In October of 2013, the City of Ocala and the Tampa Yankees had revealed a plan to move the team an hour north and build a new stadium off Interstate 75.

The Chronicle states opposition grew for the project, which would have meant building not only a stadium, but access roads, ramps, and other construction.

At a work session held at the Ocala Livestock Pavilion, an overwhelming number of speakers were in favor of the project, with members of the business community and Chamber and Economic Partnership leading the way.

However, at almost all the subsequent County Commission meetings, the feelings tilted the other way, with the majority of speakers talking against the project.

Looks like the Yankees are staying in Tampa and Ocala Yearlings of 1940-1941 will remain Ocala’s only representation in the annals of Minor League Baseball.

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