Tampa Bay Baseball Market Zip Code Analysis: 33626


Continuing our deep-dive into the most populated zip codes in the Tampa Bay area. We will look at who lives there, how much money they have, what baseball teams they root for, and how far they are to baseball.

Statistics are acquired via census.gov, Facebook/New York Times study, Google Maps.

Assumptions: We are assuming two things. 1) The population of baseball fans is 50% of the total population. 2) The same ratio of fans who “like” a team on Facebook holds for the rest of the population.

Without further ado, Zip Code 33626:


The red outline is zip code 33626. The red dot is Tropicana Field.

Demographic breakdown:

  • Estimated Population: 27,557
  • Median Income: $101,119
  • Average Age: 36.4
  • White: 22,664 (82%)
  • Black: 1,412 (5%)
  • Hispanic: 3,984 (14.5%)
  • Rays fans: 6,614 (48% of baseball fans)
  • Yankees fans: 2,756 (20% of baseball fans)
  • Red Sox fans: 1,240 (9% of baseball fans)
  • Distance to Tropicana Field: 30.3 miles
  • Distance to Steinbrenner Field: 12.5 miles
  • Distance to Bright House Field: 12.8 miles
  • Distance to Florida Auto Exchange Stadium: 13.3 miles
  • Distance to McKechnie Field: 54.6 miles
  • Distance to Toytown: 22.6 miles
  • Distance to Tampa Park Apartments: 18.8 miles
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1 comment for “Tampa Bay Baseball Market Zip Code Analysis: 33626

  1. Bob
    December 16, 2016 at 10:53 pm

    We live in Clermont & it is to far for us so watch all of the games on tv. Wish the park was closer, we’d go to lots of games.

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