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Spring Training has begun in Tampa Bay. I don’t write much about Spring Training, as much of the attendance and economic impact is driven by out-of-state and out-of-area tourists and tourist data is tough to find. For now, I would rather focus on the regular season. There is more than enough work to do there.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a big interest in Spring Training, and that doesn’t mean Spring Training isn’t big business.

A few weeks ago, reporter Juan Carlos Chavez of Centro Tampa, Tampa Bay’s biggest Spanish newspaper, asked me a few questions about the impact Spring Training has on the area, especially in regards to Hispanic-owned businesses. Last week, Juan’s article was published.

My part:

Michael Lortz, analista deportivo y fundador del sitio electrónico, dijo que el entrenamiento de primavera impone un perfil único en el desarrollo de la economía local.

Lortz mencionó la ciudad de Tampa como un ejemplo categórico de este avance.

“Las empresas locales definitivamente ven un crecimiento en los negocios debido a la gran cantidad de visitantes de fuera del estado, o incluso dentro del estado, que vienen a ver los equipos que entrenan en la Bahía de Tampa,”, precisó Lortz. “Es muy bueno para ellos”.

In English:

Michael Lortz, sports analyst and founder of the website said spring training imposes a unique profile in the development of the local economy.

Lortz said the city of Tampa as a categorical example of this development.

“Local businesses will definitely see an increase in business due to the large number of visitors from out of state, or even within the state, who come to see the teams training in the Tampa Bay area,” said Lortz. “It’s very good for them.”

Many thanks to Juan Carlos Chavez for reaching out and allowing me to contribute. It was great to be quoted among team front office personnel and University of South Florida Economics experts.

Check out the entire article here: Beisbol sopla a favor del mercado hispano (Centro Tampa)

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