Star Wars Night coming to a park not so far, far away

I am a huge Star Wars fan, so please pardon my excitement here.

Three teams in the Tampa Bay area will be hosting Star Wars Nights this season. Three times this year Tampa Bay area Star Wars fans will be able to celebrate the majesty that is Star Wars while seeing the spectacle that is baseball.

This year’s area Star Wars Night promotions are scheduled on:

  • Saturday, April 19th – Clearwater Threshers
  • Saturday, June 28th – Tampa Yankees
  • Saturday, July 19th – Bradenton Marauders

The Clearwater Threshers are the first team to release a commercial for their Star Wars Night promotion and it is quite the ad.

That none have scheduled one for Sunday, May 4th is a little odd, as that is considered “Star Wars Day“. My guess is that the Tampa Bay Squad of the 501st Legion – the officially chartered folks that dress up as Star Wars characters – have other engagements that day.

I am not sure how many of the area minor league teams have had Star Wars Nights in the past. The Rays had a Star Wars Night in 2012 and 2013. These games drew 20,908 and 23,835, respectively.

So if you see someone totally geeking out in Clearwater, Tampa, and Bradenton at Star Wars Night, say hi. That’s probably me.

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