Rays give Opening Day babies Opening Day tickets for life


In a very interesting promotion, the Tampa Bay Rays are giving all babies born in Bayfront Place in St. Petersburg on March 31 – the day of the Rays Opening Day – a 4-person pass for all Tampa Bay Rays home openers for the rest of their lives.

According to the Tampa Bay Business Journal:

Each child born at Bayfront Baby Place in St. Petersburg on the Rays’ opening day will receive a certificate for four tickets to all future Rays home openers. They will also receive a gift package delivered by the Rays’ mascot Raymond and Rays players. Later in the year the infants and parents will be recognized during an on-field ceremony.

This leads to some very interesting questions:

1) What if the family or the baby moves? Is the coupon transferable? Can someone else use it ever?

2) Not wishing harm on anyone, but what if a baby doesn’t live that long? Some coupons are then worth more than others.

3) What is the coupon’s value over time? What are the tax repercussions? As a gift, I’m sure the Rays are writing it off, but do the families have to claim it on their taxes? A gift like that, close to $100 a year every year, could value over $100,000 for a lifetime. Ticket prices don’t go down. Or does it not have any value because it might not be sellable?

4) What is the process the family must follow to claim future Opening Day tickets? Do they have to call the ticket office months in advance to “reserve” the guaranteed tickets?

The promotion is definitely getting the Rays some good buzz. Of course, I am always curious about the details.

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