My month at Fangraphs


During the month of June, I had the honor of participating in the residency program. This is a “guest writer” program held by one of the most widely-read baseball analysis sites. Their goal is to showcase writers they think are doing great work for smaller audiences and expose them on a grander scale.

I was honored to be selected and I hope I did a good job informing the Fangraphs audience about Tampa Bay baseball and the circumstances therein.

Here are links to my articles, please check them out.

Tampa Bay’s Attendance Problem – an overview of the Rays attendance dilemma.

Tampa Bay and the Millennial Challenge – a look at how the next generation of fans will affect the Rays chances of staying in Tampa Bay

Can the Rays Ever Achieve League Average Attendance? – looking at the Rays as a small market team and how their attendance compares to other clubs their size

What the Rays Can (and Can’t) Learn From Local Minor League Attendance – exploring trends in Tampa Bay’s Minor League attendance and how much winning actually matters in each level of baseball

Tampa Bay’s Second Half Attendance – predicting an increase in attendance for the Rays in the second half of 2017

Again, this was a lot of work, but very enjoyable. Thanks again to the folks at Fangraphs for providing me the opportunity.

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