Marauders to host PokemonGo Day promotion

It was just a matter of time. With PokemonGo sweeping the nation and people everywhere using their phones to find Pokemon things, eventually a Tampa Bay area baseball team was going to use the craze to boost attendance.

This Sunday, the Bradenton Marauders are hosting a Pokemon Day at McKechnie Field. According to the Bradenton Patch,

Fans will be allowed onto the field after the game to hunt Pokémon alongside several Marauders players.

The Marauders will be dropping lures during their game with the Tortugas, making the field a perfect place for Pokémon trainers to capture their favorite characters.

According to Bradenton Marauders staff, McKechnie Field has become a habitat for numerous Pokémon. Pokémon characters from Pikachu to Pidgeotto have been spotted roaming the ballpark.

Between innings, contests will include “Name that Pokémon,” “Find that Pokémon” and other activities with a Pokémon Go theme. The first 200 fans to bring a picture of a Pokémon being caught at McKechnie Field to the Guest Relations Booth will receive a single Pokémon card. Also, a 25 percent discount will be available at the team merchandise store for fans who show pictures of Pokémon being caught at McKechnie Field.

I’ll be honest. I have no idea what a Pokemon does. Not my thing. But if it gets people to the ballpark – which it just might do – then it is a great idea by the Marauders front office. Minor League Baseball has always been great at seizing popular trends and events in their promotions. Front offices have great leeway to be innovative and creative. But seizing trends often requires an understanding of those trends and how to correctly execute the promotion. I guess its safe to say someone with the Marauders knows Pokemon.

Now I wonder if any of the other local teams will follow suit.

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