Latest post on Fangraphs: Discussing the Blue Jays possible extension in Dunedin

This week I was again published on premier baseball analysis website Whenever I have something I think the greater baseball audience would be interested in, I submit it to Fangraphs. They are a great website with a lot of great information on baseball, from on-the-field to behind the scenes.

My most recent submission to them was my thoughts on the City of Dunedin proposal to keep the Blue Jays in Dunedin for another 25 years. While I avoid the costs of the proposal, I argue that the market cannot support the extension. It is not the best interest of the region overall.

If Tampa Bay is a major league market, the region needs to put the Major League team first. That means no further dilution of the market until the Rays situation is secure. Which it is not.

I cover a lot of other points in my nearly 2,000 word article. Please give it a read and tell me what you think.

Why Extending the Blue Jays Spring Training Location Isn’t In Tampa Bay’s Best Interest –, 10/3/2016

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