First Universal Rain Check used at Dunedin Blue Jays game


I missed this last week, but still think it is worth discussing:

According to, on July 19th the Dunedin Blue Jays honored their first “Universal Rain Check” when a fan used a ticket to a rained out Lakeland Flying Tigers vs Daytona Cubs game at Florida Auto Exchange Stadium.

The “Universal Rain Check” program, instituted this season, allows “fans to redeem a ticket from any rained out game from another team in Minor League Baseball for a Dunedin Blue Jays game at Florida Auto Exchange Stadium“. The Dunedin Blue Jays believe it is the first such program ever in Minor League Baseball.

As time progresses, there may be more opportunities for fans to take advantage of the Blue Jays offer.

So far this season, the Dunedin Blue Jays have been rained out three times. They have played two doubleheaders and one game has yet to be made up.

Meanwhile, the Bradenton Marauders have been rained out four times. They have played three doubleheaders and have one game postponed to be made up later this season.

The Tampa Yankees have been rained out once and have played one doubleheader.

The Clearwater Threshers haven’t yet been rained out and of course neither have the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Universal Rain Check may become a very good program and bit of an attendance boost for the Dunedin Blue Jays.

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