ESPN’s Sidd Finch Video shows 1985 Al Lang Stadium

On April 1, 1985, Sports Illustrated published one of the best April Fool’s hoaxes of all-time, “The Curious Case of Sidd Finch”. Written by George Plimpton, the article detailed the arrival of a mysterious ballplayer from the mountains of Tibet who could throw a baseball 168 miles per hour.

In order to make the hoax appear real, Sports Illustrated involved the real-life New York Mets and shot footage in their then-spring training home at Al Lang Stadium in St. Petersburg.

The following video was created by ESPN yesterday to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the arrival of the greatest ballplayer who never played. Included in the video are some great shots of the Mets training camp at Huggins-Stengel Field and action scenes from Al Lang Stadium.

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