Clearwater Threshers Attendance Analysis 2007-2016: By Month

Welcome to our 1st second-level analysis post on Clearwater Threshers attendance from 2007-2016. This post examines the Threshers attendance by month. This post will look at September games, but only as they pertain to the regular season. Postseason games will be examined at a later date.

First, a look at the Threshers average annual and per game attendance from 2007-2016. From 2007-2016, the Threshers average annual attendance was 175,478. The Threshers per game average in the 679 games at Bright House Field from 2007 to 2016 was 2,584.

Average attendance 2007-2016 chart. (DH = Double headers. Attendance is only counted for the second game.)


Average attendance 2005-2016 graph:


(Note: we have total attendance for 2005 and 2006, but not the amount of doubleheaders so the totals in the first chart shown would be off.)

Next, we will look at the Threshers average attendance by month from 2007 to 2016 as well as their best and worst average attended months.


The following graph depicts the Threshers average attendance per month.


This chart shows the annual attendance ranking by month each year spanning from 2007 to 2015 as well as the month’s average finish.

(Yellow highlights = Best month/ Red highlights = Worst month)


The next few charts depict average attendance per month per year from 2007 to 2016.

April average per game attendance 2007 to 2016:


May average per game attendance 2007 to 2016:


June average per game attendance 2007 to 2016:


July average per game attendance 2007 to 2016:


August average per game attendance 2007 to 2016:



After returning to their 2010-2013 average in 2015, the Clearwater Threshers had the second highest attendance in franchise history in 2016.

To quote what I wrote in my first month-by-month analysis of the Threshers:

Threshers average per game attendance has steadily increased since 2007. Many of their best months since 2007 have come in the last three years. That could be because of better marketing, beginning post-game concerts, or perhaps lack of fan interest in going to Tropicana Field.

Looking by month, the growth of attendance in April is an interesting phenomenon. This might be due to good weather in the Florida spring or due to promotions.

Good nighttime weather might also be the reason the Threshers do well in attendance in May.

June is the Threshers worst average month. This might be because the Florida nights are getting warmer and more humid in June and occasional rain showers are beginning. Another factor could be that there typically aren’t many great promotions in June. Surprisingly, we don’t see a bump from May to June due to parents taking out-of-school kids to the ballpark.

July is the Threshers best month for average attendance. This is probably heavily due to their annual July 4th fireworks extravaganza. We’ve proven before that people love fireworks.

August/September attendance might be affected by two factors that will be worth exploring: correlation with the Rays in the pennant race and the weather.

The Threshers are the highest drawing Minor League team in the Tampa Bay area. Their attendance is far higher than many of the other teams. Looking at when people attend their games show us quite a bit about the patterns of baseball attendance in Clearwater, and Tampa Bay as a whole.

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