Chris Archer ticket package arrives


Remember last year, when Chris Archer tweeted about low attendance at Tropicana Field?

After Archer’s tweet, I wrote a post that predicted the Rays would put together a ticket deal. Granted, I thought it would be to compete against the Tampa Bay Lightning, and not the next season, but here is what I wrote:

Perhaps Archer’s comments were orchestrated by the Rays front office. Perhaps Rays management will use this “incident” to save face and give away or slash ticket prices

How about up to $140 off a 22 game package?

Capitalizing on the Rays most vocal player and putting him on billboards across the city to sell tickets is a good move by the marketing department. I haven’t seen any commercials for the deal yet, but perhaps soon.

A few additional notes and questions:

  • I wonder how many of these games will fall on Archer starts.
  • Will this promotions raise his visibility and will fans buy tickets to his starts even if they are not in the ticket package? Last year, Archer’s starts drew over 1,400 more fans than the average attendance.
  • The Rays have a July 4th game! Their last one was 2012. With no fireworks capability at Tropicana Field, the Rays normally don’t play at home at Tropicana Field.
  • Does this mean Chris Archer is the face of the Rays?
  • Will this be the beginning of fan groups for different players?
  • Why no afro wig giveaway?
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