Bright House Field is now Spectrum Field

Way back in April 2015, I theorized how the sale of Bright House cable services to Charter Communications could affect the name of the home stadium of the Clearwater Threshers. Since 2004, when the Phillies Florida State League team began play in the facility, its name has been Bright House Field.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, as of mid-January, the facility will be known as Spectrum Field, named after a part of Charter Communication’s service. This is the first facility name change in the region since 2010 when Dunedin Stadium became Florida Auto Exchange Stadium.

Overall, in the grand scheme of marketing, this decision won’t make much difference. Of course, the Charter group will have to pay the cost for rebranding, but once fans get used to the change, there will be no difference. One corporate supporter to another – the way of sports today.


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