Attendance Review: 2014 Clearwater Threshers

Welcome to our third attendance review of 2014 and our first attendance review of the Clearwater Threshers. Today we look at the home attendance of the 2014 Clearwater Threshers.

Home Games: 70

Total attendance: 195,043 (up 13.31% from 2013: 172,151)

(Note: The Threshers finished 2nd in Florida State League history in total attendance in 2014.)

Per Game Average: 2,787 (up 179 fans per game from 2013: 2,608)

Highest attended games: 9,069 on Thurs, July 3rd vs Dunedin

Lowest attended game: 1,128 on Wed, May 28 vs Fort Myers.

Lowest point of average attendance: June 29, Game 31 (2,724)

Double headers: 0

Cancellations: 0

Notable rehab assignments: Cole Hamels, Cliff Lee

Other notable appearances: None


(red shading = below annual average of 2,787)


Threshers 2014 total attendance

By Month:

Threshers 2014 attendance by month chart

The following graph depicts the average attendance by month.

Threshers 2014 attendance by month

By Day of the Week:

Threshers 2014 attendance by day chart

Threshers attendance increased only 13% on the weekends compared to their average Monday through Thursday attendance.

  • Mon-Thurs average attendance: 2,587
  • Sat-Sun average attendance: 2,982
  • Increase: 13.3%

The following graph depicts the average attendance by day.

Threshers 2014 attendance by day

The following chart shows how often each day outdrew the day prior.

Threshers 2014 attendance by day up percent

Led by their $1 Tuesday promotion, over 92% of Tuesday game outdrew the game prior. With such a solid draw on Tuesday, 0% of Wednesdays outdrew Tuesdays. Also, 0% of Sundays outdrew Saturday games.

By Opponent:

Threshers 2014 attendance by opponent

By Starting Pitcher:

Threshers 2014 attendance by starting pitcher

Most interesting here is the attendance for the rehab starts of Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee. Of their three combined starts, only one game drew over the Threshers annual average – Hamels’s first rehab start – and that by only approximately 60 fans.

This chart depicts how attendance reacted from one starter to the next. If a pitcher is a great draw, the percentage between he and the prior starter should be higher.

Threshers 2014 starting pitcher up percentage

Despite Cliff Lee’s start drawing less than average, it did draw more than the game before it. Of the pitchers who had 100%, only Brody Colvin pitched more than one game. Other 100% pitchers were the recipients of circumstance or promotion.

By Promotion:

Threshers 2014 attendance by promotion

Like many Minor League teams, the Threshers were heavy on promotions. Fireworks were huge, seeing almost double the annual average. The Threshers $1 Tuesday promotion was also very popular. The Threshers post-game concerts, featuring Coolio, Slick Rick, The Black Honkeys, O-Town, and Jamie Lynn Spears, did very well.

The following chart shows how well promotions did compared to the prior day’s attendance.

Threshers 2014 attendance by promotion up

Here we see the success of $1 Tuesdays, Thirsty Thursdays, and Fireworks nights. Surprisingly, the post-game concerts only outdrew the game before it 50% of the time. Jamie Lynn Spears and The Black Honkeys did not draw more than the game before while Coolio & Slick Rick and O-Town did draw more fans than the previous game.

“Other Promotions” include one-time events such as Star Wars Night, Military Appreciation Night, 70s Night, and other miscellaneous promotions.

Day Game / Night Game Splits:

Threshers 2014 attendance day night split

Night games drew very well for the Threshers. Weekend nights at Bright House Field did the best, aided greatly by fireworks night promotions.

We will have further breakdowns of these attendance numbers and how they relate to long-term trends in upcoming posts.